Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life of Blue Button Jellyfish

Life of Sea | Blue Button Jellyfish (Porpita porpita) | This sea creature is similar with Bluebottle Jellyfish/Portuguese Man of War and By-the-wind-sailor (velella velella). Actually, they are not true jellyfish, but they are colonies of polyps, or we know as Chondrophores. Blue button jellyfish live by floating on the surface of the sea. They range in Atlantic, Australia and Indo-Pasific. 

Blue button jellyfish consists of two main parts, the float and the hydroid colony. The float is golden to brown. It is round and almost flat. The size  is only about one inch wide. The hydroid colony is bright blue turquoise to yellow in color. The hydroid is the tentacles  which make them like jellyfish. Each strand has numerous branchlets, each of which ends in knobs of stinging cells called nematocysts. The blue button sting is not powerful but may cause irritation if it comes in contact with human skin. 

Blue button jellyfish feed on dead or living organisms. manily eat fish eggs, small fish, larvea, or zooplankton. Blue button jellyfish are hermaphrodites (i.e. both male and female). They release both eggs and sperm into the water. When the eggs have been fertilised by the sperm, they develop into larvae that subsequently metamorphose into individual polyps. A Blue Button colony forms when one polyp divides to form new types of polyps which become specialised for different functions. 

Blue button jellyfish play an important role in food web.  They are prey for several organisms. Blue button jellyfish feed on both living and dead organisms. The blue button has a single mouth located beneath the float which is used for both the intake of nutrients as well as the expulsion of wastes.

Unlike most jellyfish, blue button jellyfish do not sting. However, they can irritate human skin when touched. They typically float through the ocean using both ocean currents and wind to help them move. They usually travel in large groups, and you can sometimes find large groups of beached blue button jellyfish.

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  1. Interesting blog, very informative :)

  2. Interesting blog, very informative :)

  3. 7/26 currently double red flags at Seaside FL and lots of blue buttons washing up

  4. Lot's of Blue Buttons washing up at the public beach by fishing pier....Navarre Beach, FL

  5. Saw these in corpus christi...thought it was someone's contact lol

  6. I guess since we had have the blue clear ware in Galveston, we have had these blue button jelly fish wash up on shore. I assume it comming from Florida bc of oF the water rotation.

  7. I fell on the beach in Florida in 2 feet of water. I was swarmed by many blue button jelly fish and was pulled out over my head in deep water, these sea creatures stole my wallet and if it weren't for a nice gang member swimming out to save my life i would have had to depend on my water wings to float me back to shore.. be carefull