Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life of Devil Firefish

Life of Sea | Devil Firefish (Pterois miles) | This predator is also called Common Lionfish, Soldier Lionfish or Indian Turkeyfish. It is very close with Red Lionfish. They live in Areas with crevices or lagoons, often on the outer slope of coral reefs. The firefish inhabits reefs from about 10m to 175 m depth. Its range entire Indian Ocean, Red Sea, South Africa, Indonesia and also known in eastern Mediterranean.

Devil firefish have white stripes alternated with red, maroon, or brown. The fish have fleshy tentacles from both above the eyes and below the mouth. The pectoral fin is present in a distinctive fan-like shape, and dorsal spines are long and separated. Every spine of the firefish is venomous. Their venom is considered to be very painful. Reddish to tan or grey in colour, with numerous thin dark bars on body and head. Tentacle above eye may be faintly banded. Adults have a band of small spines along the cheek and small spots in the median fins.

Devil firefish is very similar with Red lionfish but, they still have differences. Red lionfish has extra dorsal and anal fin ray. It has also been known that Red lionfish reaches to the Western and Central Pacific and Western Australia. On the other side, Devil firefish is found in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Indian Ocean. Their DNA is also different. It is unknown whether or not the two species hybridize, although no differences have been found in their reproductive biology.

If you keep them in your home, you have remember about their diet. They require a meaty diet such as enriched live brine shrimp, mysis, chunky chopped fish or shrimp flesh, or carnivore frozen foods, with two or three feedings per week. You do not keep them with fast moving tankmates that may damage its fins. And do not forget that it venomous sea creature.

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