Friday, October 7, 2011

Life of Flower Hat Jelly

Life of Sea | Flower Hat Jelly (Olindias formosa) | Flower hat jelly is one of a rare species of jellyfish. These invertebrate animals living in coastal waters. It is found primarily in the waters off Brazil, Argentina, and southern Japan. This is semi-benthic species, which means that the gel time to spend on the seabed. Also cluster on the artificial kelp and sea grass leaves added to the habitat type, such as hats on a rack. Flower hat jelly is one of the most 14 beautiful jellyfish in the world.

Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Cnidaria
Class:     Hydrozoa
Order:     Limnopolypae
Family:     Olindiasidae
Genus:     Olindias
Species:     O. formosa

Flower hat jelly has shiny tentacles. The tentacles coil and adhere to the edge when not in use. The bell is translucent and pinstriped with opaque bands, making it easy to identify. The 
Flower hat jelly can grow to about 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter. Flower hat jelly usually eat small fish. This sea creature use its tentacles to little to catch fish and other foods. 

Blooms of the  Flower hat jelly to swim in dangerous waters off Argentina. The sting of the jelly is painful, so a clear result. In Brazil, the flower hat jellies bloom from interfering with shrimp fishing, the jellies way to hide away their nets and shrimp, probably to deeper water. When they occur in bloom, they can pose a risk to swimmers. This kind of poison is strong enough to make a painful sting that leaves cause a rash. Blooms can be so dense that the jellies shrimp nets clog.

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