Life of Mediterranean Jelly

Life of Sea | Mediterranean Jelly (Cotylorhiza tuberculata) | This jelly jellyfish is one of the most beautiful on earth. Mediterranean jelly is located in the Mediterranean, Aegean and the Adriatic Sea. Mediterranean Sea is similar to egg jelly fish, Mediterranean jelly but has smaller size. It is pelagic marine. It is located in the coastal bay open sea. They live in the water about 0-7 meters from the surface.
Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Cnidaria
Class:     Scyphozoa
Order:     Rhizostomeae
Family:     Cepheidae
Genus:     Cotylorhiza
Species:     C. tuberculata

Mediterranean jelly has radial symmetry of the body. The diameter of thMediterranean jelly is about 40cm. The umbrella is flat, except for the center, where a prominent band extends from the bell. The oral arms are short and the polyps measuring about 5-10mm in height. The polyps are also present throughout the year. The umbrella has a yellow color and the labial palpi are white or violet color.
The sting of such jellyfish is harmless and usually occurs in large flocks at the end of summer, a period that coincides with the beginning of the dolphin fish fishery and thus Maltese fishermen named this species' range-lampuki. Juvenile mackerel frequently observed shelter under the purple-tipped tentacles of the jellyfish. Even jellyfish's poison, but Mediterranean jelly's poison is not strong. The sting of the jelly has little or no effect on human . Therefore it is not dangerous for humans to be near them.

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