Life of Radiata Lionfish

Life of Sea | Radiata Lionfish (Pterois radiata) | Radiata lionfish is one of the most famous lionfish beside Red lionfish dan Devil firefish. They are known as Radial Firefish, Scorpion radiata, Clearfin Lionfish, Clearfin Turkeyfish, Tailbar Lionfish, White-lined Lionfish, Whitefin Lionfish, and Dragonfish . In wild, Radiata lionfish live in lagoon and seaward reefs. They also can be found in rocky reefs. But, they dislike stony corals. They love to hide under ledges and in narrow caves and crevices during the day. They are found in Indo-Pacific . The Radiata lionfish spend the days resting in a hiding spot and the nights hunting for prey.  

Dorsal and pectoral fins of Radiata lionfish are long and like flowing feather. The body is reddish to brownish and decorated with 5-6 thick dark bars separated by pale lines. The Radiata Lionfish distinguishes itself from all the other lionfish from its blank spines. This lionfish has no any markings between the vertical fin rays. But, they have pair of horizontal white stripes that decorates the tail. Radiata lionfish is similar with Antennata Lionfish (Pterois antennata), but the Antennata Lionfish has no horizontal lines on its caudal peduncle.

In the wild, the Radiata lionfish feed on shrimps and small crabs. When you keep them in aquarium, you should feed them in various types of shrimps and crabs. Small fish will also be highly recommended. You should be prepared to feed your Radiata lionfish live food, but if you are patient you can train them to accept fresh or frozen dead food, e.g. crab pieces. Some of them will even go for flake food.

Be careful when you are handling Radiata lionfish because the spines are venomous. If you get stung you should seek medical attention. The Radiata Lionfish may act aggressively toward other fish, but they are venomous. The pelvic, pectoral and dorsal fins of this fish can cause extreme pain. Severe reactions can occur if allergic. If stung soak injured area in hot water and seek medical attention.

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