Life of Scribbled Angelfish

Life of Sea | Scribbled Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi) | This angelfish is one of the most favorite fish among aquarists. It is also known as Duboulay's Angelfish. In wild, Scribbled angelfish live on coastal and inner reefs. They can be found in Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, southern New Guinea and the Aru Islands.

The Scribbled angelfish got its name from a different scrawled or 'scribbled' type patterning on a body. It is mostly a dark bluish black color. The long and broad dorsal and anal fins has 'scribbled' with dark and light blues, sometimes deep reds. The pale yellow face is followed by a broad blue-black band running through the eye area, and this is followed by another broad yellow and white band that extends onto the pelvic fins. Beneath the dorsal fin, there is a horizontal yellow stripe. It is started at the front and become wider until it reaches the caudal peduncle. The tail fin is also yellow.

Scribbled angelfish eat sponges and tunicates in the wild. If you keep them in aquarium, you can offer frozen food formulations that contain a lot of sponge tissue in their food. You can supplement with mysis, chopped shelfish, enriched brineshrimp and dried algae. Vitamins supplements are highly recommended.

The Scribbled angelfish are easy to keep. They are good pets. But you must provide a large swimming area and a place to hide. They are so shy first time but it will be better when they are comfortable with the place. If they have already adapted with their place, you can feed from your hands. Scribbled angelfish can live with  other angel fish. Juveniles are not very aggressive. But when have reached adults, they will be be moody and aggressive. Partner can be merged when the tank is big enough and released at the same time.

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