Monday, July 18, 2011

Life of Titan Triggerfish

Life of Sea | Titan Triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens) | This large and aggressive fish is also known as Giant triggerfish or Moustache triggerfish. Titan Triggerfish is the largest triggerfish species. It can reach grow to 75 cm in length. It is called Mustache triggerfish due to a dark line above its lips. It usually occurs on coral reefs. In wild, you can find them in the Indo-West and Central Pacific. In Australia, you can see them from south-western to north-western Western Australia and from the northern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland south to the central coast of New South Wales.

Titan Triggerfish have large body. The color of the body, is generally green to dark grey in color. The fins are yellow or green with black tips. It has lower jaw with dark grey or purple in color. They have rotating eyes. They have two dorsal fins. The first of which is comprised of 3 spines, and this is where the trigger fish derives its name. They can use this spine, along with the ventral spine, to lock themselves into coral heads or rock crevices when threatened, and once they do they are immovable.

Titan triggerfish feed sea urchins, coral, crabs, molluscs and tube worms. They are often solitary, and diurnal, meaning they are day-time fish, sleeping at night. The nest of the titan triggerfish is usually in a flat sandy area amongst the corals, an area that it will defend with a passion. The teeth of Titan triggerfish is designed for crunching through hard shells and coral. Therefore it can cause serious injury for intruders.

Titan triggerfish can bite. It cause infection because it contains a natural poison called Ciguatoxin. This poison can affect on humans seriously. In extreme cases, it  causes heart attacks or paralysis. They may also use ramming techniques to scare other creature's away (including divers). So, you have to be careful with this fish when you are snorkeling or diving.
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