Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life of Bathysaurus Fish

Life of Sea | Bathysaurus Fish (Bathysaurus mollis) | Bathysaurus fish is described as "super predators in the sea". They are famous as Lizardfish or Highfin lizardfish. They will eat everything they meet. Bathysaurus fish are found in tropical and subtropical ocean. They live in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. This predator has cylindrical body with bony fins. The mouth is large with sharp teeth. The tongue is too. The size is about 50 - 60 cm. They stay in deep water about 1550 – 4903 m. But, they are usually found in depth more than 2000 m.

Bathysaurus fish have slim and long body. They are commonly white. But, there are dark color in their body in some spots. The young or small Bathysaurus fish have low vertical bars. The small species are found in the near midwaters. Bathysaurus fish are solitary fish. They are not found in groups. They are looking for food in the seabed by lurking their prey.

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