Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life of Marine Iguana

Life of Sea | Marine Iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) | One of the most unique animal in the encounter on this earth and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its presence is only found on a rocky shore in the Indian territory of the largest on earth. Marine iguanas are the only iguana feeding in the ocean. These animals are exist only in the Galapagos Islands, approximately 1000 km to the west coast in the Pacific Ocean Equador. Their body are black and gray have a thick skin. These animals usually spend time in the morning to bask under the sun to get heat. Marine iguanas are cold-blooded animals, so if they do not do this, their bodies will not be able to metabolize.

At noon, when Marine iguanas are feeling their body is hot enough, they will just go down to the waters to find food. These animals find food by diving to the bottom waters and only eat sea weed sea iguanas are herbivores. Claws sharp and blunt snout is an adaptation of marine iguanas for gripping rocks at sea weed eating. However, despite these animals having an sharp claws, they are not including wild animals. They even gregarious, this is evidenced by not ever bite each other as well as its competition among Marine iguanas.

Because Marine iguanas are cold-blooded animals including, then these animals could not tolerate the loss of body heat dramatically when in the water. Therefore, if it happens, then the marine iguanas will soon rise to the surface and then bask in the sun again. Then after their bodies have been hot again, they will just go down into the water to find food again, and so on. Marine iguanas can only survive in water of less than half an hour.

The threat of Marine iguanas while in the waters is the presence of wild animals such as sea lions. In addition, the shark is also predator of Marine iguanas. Marine iguanas prefer to forage in the waters around the coast and close to the mainland, so if there is a time of danger, then the Marine iguanas will quickly escape ride to the mainland.

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