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Life of Sea Lion

Life of Sea | Sea Lion | Sea lions are pinnipeds characterized by external ear-flaps, long front flippers, the ability to walk on four legs, and short thick hair. Along with the fur seal, they include the family Otariidae or eared seals. Their range extends from the subarctic to tropical waters of the oceans in both the northern and southern hemispheres with the notable exception of the North Atlantic. Sea lions are very interesting animals that end up being very large. Males are much larger than the females, which helps them get the opportunity to mate with them, because the females in search of the greatest male who have been in order.

Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Subphylum:     Vertebrata
Class:     Mammalia
Order:     Carnivora
Suborder:     Caniformia
Superfamily:     Pinnipedia
Family:     Otariidae

Some species of sea lions live in sub-arctic regions, while others live in warmer climates such as California. They have long torpedo-shaped bodies that are well designed for both movements in the water and on land. All types of Sea Lions are considered mammals. This is because they live the birth of their young and the females will nurse the puppies with milk they produce in their bodies. Sea lions are only two other animals that are predators - sharks and killer whales. The threat that they depend on the areas where the sea lion life. If they need to go into the water to find food then they are more likely to encounter such predators. Man has proven to be the greatest threat to the sea lion survive but for a very long time.

Sea lions are very social animals and different methods of communication. It does not know much about what these different types of sounds are used. They are often found in large colonies. For their protection, they are very similar both on land and in water. The large colonies but also have many sub-groups found in them. It is usual for the sea lions to a sub-group to another to move during the different stages of their lives.

Example, the males are more likely to be loners. They will form harems when it's time to get a new pair for several months. When the colonies again form the offspring that females are more likely to stay together. Once the pups are about one year old, they tend to form small subgroups. Sea lions are considered very intelligent animals. They were used to teach tricks for entertainment. They are also trained in the United States Navy to assist with their needs in the water. For the most part they are regarded as very timid, but there are some reports of aggressive attacks on humans. The males are very aggressive when it comes to earning the right to mate with the females.

The future is uncertain for many types of sea lions. Years of them being destroyed by man has really taken a toll on them. Care for the environment is still causing problems for them in their natural habitat as well. The fact that people the control over the waters where they once lived in peace to take is a major concern. Even with conservation efforts in place, there is still much work to do if these animals are to survive.

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