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Adelie Penguin

Life of Sea | Adelie Penguin | Adelie Penguin Classification and Evolution : The Adelie Penguin is the smallest species of penguins and most widely distributed in the Southern Ocean and is one of only two penguin species are found on mainland Antarctica (the other is the Emperor Penguin is much higher). The Adelie Penguin named in 1840 by French explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville named Penguin for his wife, Adélie.
Adelie Penguin Anatomy and Appearance

The Adelie Penguin is one of the most easily identifiable species of penguins with a blue-black backs and white breasts thoroughly and stomach. Head and part of the Adelie penguins are both black, with a distinctive white ring around each eye. The strong, pink legs Adelie penguins are tough and bumpy with nails that not only helps in Adelie penguins climbing a rocky cliff to reach the nest, but also help to encourage them along when they slide (rowing) along the ice. Adelie Penguins also use their webbed feet with their little fins to push them together while swimming in the cold waters.
Adelie Penguin Distribution and Habitat

The Adelie Penguin is one of the most southerly bird in the world such as those found along the coast of Antarctica and the islands close to it. During the winter months, Adelie Penguins migrate north where they inhabit a large platform of ice and have better access to food.

Adelie Penguin Behaviour and Lifestyle

As with all types of penguins, Adelie penguins are very friendly animals, gathered in large groups known as colonies, often numbering thousands of individual penguins. Although Adelie Penguins are not known to be very territorial, it is not uncommon for adults to be aggressive over nesting sites, and has even been known to steal the stone from the nests of their neighbors. Adelie penguins are also known to hunt in groups like that allegedly reduces the risk of being eaten by hungry predators.

Adelie Penguin Reproduction and Life Cycle

Adelie Penguins return to their breeding grounds during the Antarctic summer of November and December. They are designed with soft feet for walking on land to make way to the nesting ground was much easier because of the fast Penguin during this time. Adelie penguins mate for life in large colonies, with the female laying two eggs a few days apart a nest built of stone.
Adelie Penguin Predators and Threats

Adult Adelie Penguins have no land-based predators because the conditions in which they lived without compromise. Whale Killer Whale is another major predators of Adelie penguins, although they usually hunt larger species of penguins further north. South Polar skuas are known to prey on eggs Adelie penguins that if left unguarded, along with chicks that have strayed from the group.
Adelie Penguin Relationship to Humans

A visit to Penguin Adelie colony has long been in the program for tourists to Antarctica, who admire a large number of them nesting on the beach and hunting in the surrounding waters. This means that the Adelie penguins are one of the most famous of all penguin species today.
Adelie Penguin Conservation Status and Life Today

Although it has been confined to living on the coast of Antarctica, Adelie Penguins Penguins are one of the most common and widespread in the southern hemisphere. With over 2.5 million breeding pairs are found throughout the southern Antarctic Adelie penguins have adapted well to polar habitats.

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