Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gentoo Penguin

Life of Sea | Gentoo Penguin | Gentoo penguin is a medium-sized species of penguin found on rocky islands in the sub-Antarctic Ocean. Gentoo penguins are most easily distinguished by the white "bonnet-like" marks on the top of their heads, and are most closely related to Adelie and chinstrap penguins that belong to the same group. Gentoo penguins breed on the islands many sub-Antarctic, with the major colonies are found in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Kerguelen Islands. Smaller population of gentoo penguins are also found on Macquarie Island, Heard Islands, South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Gentoo penguin breeding population is estimated to total more than 300,000 pairs.
Gentoo penguin is the third largest penguin species in the world behind king penguins and emperor penguins, gentoo penguins with adults reaching a height of up to 80cm in the southern part of their range. The gentoo penguins are found farther north, on average, slightly heavier and taller than their southern counterparts. As with other species of penguin, gentoo penguin has to be adjusted to the conditions inhabit very hard and should get all the food from the frozen sea. Gentoo penguins use their wings to propel them through the water and is considered the fastest swim of all penguin species, capable of reaching speeds of nearly 30mph in water.
Gentoo penguin is a carnivorous animal, that like all other penguin species, survives on a diet consisting only of marine animals. Krill and small crustaceans make the most of the gentoo penguin diet along with larger organisms including squid and various species of fish. Due to the fact that they inhabit fairly uncompromising, gentoo penguins have no land-based natural predators. 
However, the larger marine animals that also inhabit the frozen waters of the Antarctic Ocean will eat water-based birds, with leopard seals, sharks, killer whales and humans become the main predator gentoo penguin. On average, the gentoo penguin offspring once a year, usually forming couples remain faithful to each other. Gentoo penguin females lay two eggs which are incubated by both parents for more than a month in, when only one of the eggs will usually hatch. 
Gentoo penguin chicks are fed and kept warm by their parents and remain with them until the chicks are about three months. Today, gentoo penguins are endangered animals closer because they are easily influenced by changes in the water, pollution and temperature. Gentoo penguin populations in some areas have also been depleted by human hunting.

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