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Tiger Fish

Life of Sea | Tiger Fish | Tiger Fish can refer to fish from various families, and derived from official associations and day-to-day with the Asian tigers (Panthera tigris). However, the main species are designated by the name "tiger fish" are Africans and belong to the family Alestidae. The name "tiger fish" is sometimes used to Rhamphochromis cichlid species in the genus. Large species, silver, and individuals usually have one or more black lines running the length of both sides. The fish is native to Lake Malawi in Africa.  
As with other African tiger fish species, they are known for having a large, protruding teeth, and they are known to attack humans. Several species belonging to the genus of the family Alestidae Hydrocynus called "tiger fish," and greatly appreciated as game fish. This fish is found in many African rivers and lakes on the continent and fierce predators with distinctive, large proportioned teeth.
The goliath tiger fish (Hydrocynus goliath) is one of the most famous tigerfish. It has been reported to reach adult weight 50 kg (110 lb), and is found in the Congo River system and Lake Tanganyika. It is the largest member of the family Alestidae. Another well-known species, only called tiger fish (Hydrocynus vittatus), commonly found in southernly Okavango Delta and the Zambezi River, and also the two biggest lakes along the Zambezi Bassa, Lake Kariba in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Cabora in Mozambique, and finally at the dam Jozini South Africa.

Kinds Of Tiger Fish
African Tiger Fish
goliath tiger fish     
giant tiger fish    
tiger fish congo   
tropical tiger fish  

Both goliath tiger fish and comparatively smaller bore a striking resemblance, in appearance and habits, the Dorados from South America. The African tigerfish alestidae silver species, as opposed to the most famous species dorado, which is gold. Incidentally, dorado known as the "Rio del Tigre" (Tiger of the River) in the ground water. In the world of the West Gamefishing, Hydrocynus vittatus is considered to be the equivalent of the African South American piranha, Although the family owned a completely different beast. Such as piranha, tigerfish individuals have interlocking, sharp teeth, along with efficient, muscular body, and is widely known as a very aggressive predator and able are often hunt in groups.
Malignancy tale The tigerfish is equipped with a gas-filled sac in the body that acts as a sophisticated sound receiver. Pouch allows tigerfish to detect vibrations in open water. Teens often school together in large numbers and will often attack the source of sound or vibration and, therefore, the animals of almost any size, including large land animals in their own territory. Adults tend to travel in small groups of up to four or five people, and equally dangerous.  When food is scarce or the competition for food is too great, tigerfish may resort to cannibalism. It is particularly common in the dry season. This species has been known to attack humans, especially children bathing in shallow water. The attack can be devastating, as the aggressive tactics of hunting the animal can quickly create a helpless victim. Deaths due to the attacks has been noted in several countries.

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