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West African Manatee

Life of Sea | West African Manatee | West African manatee is the most studied of all the manatees. Scientists believe it is similar in size and appearance to the West Indian manatee, and that he lives in the same habitat: rivers, estuaries, coastal marine environment. Long-term research project is hampered by political unrest and lack of funds. Photo Very few species are available. There are many diverse traditions of indigenous / African religion, but the most prominent is the Mami Water spirits are found in many areas along the west coast of Africa. 
Maame Water, also spelled mami water, has become a central character in many rivers and coastal ommunities in West Africa. According to local lore, Maame Water is the absolute beauty of the sea goddess and the source of money. But, she has also been known to over-turn the victim into the canoe and fishing his watery kingdom. Scientists from the Institute of Aquatic Biology from the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Department of Wildlife in Ghana believes that "Maame Water" really big water herbivorous mammals we know as the West African manatee!
Dr Mamaa Entsua-Mensah, a researcher of the Institute, said Manatee woman look like a woman when they surface to breathe fresh air in the evening. "When seen at night, scaly body to create the impression of moonlight half fish and half woman," adding that the manatee women have two breasts with nipples and dwell in tropical waters, either fresh or salt. "Because they are mammals, they have lungs and hence the need for them to take in air through their lungs."
Entsua-Mensah, said that "as breasts with nipples, when people see the mammal jumping out of the sea at night to take in a deep breath of air, they are considered as half woman, half fish." Studies conducted in Ghana by the agency and the Department of Wildlife indicates that manatee can be found in lagoons and estuaries Volta Abbey. "They are also found in rivers such as Dayi in Ghana, Asukawkaw, Obusum, Sene in the Lake Volta and Oti. Fishermen consider" Maame Water "as sacred. He can not be discussed openly except after certain rituals.

Among the fishermen in the Niger Delta in Nigeria, "Maame Water" is considered a "strong woman who is very generous and very jealous." Nigerian folklore that tells of the fate of those who had changed dramatically when they were married "Maame Water", mermaid, but lost everything when they were not loyal to him. In West Africa, where manatees are still hunted for food, the art of capturing manatees are very special. Secret passed down from father to son, and only certain families have a 'juju' to hunt mammals.

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