Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fancy Goldfish

Life of Sea | Fancy Goldfish  | Long, flowing fins, amazing color pattern and prominent distinguishing feature of public fancy goldfish "Goldfish Comet." They did not grow up like koi, making them a very popular fish for aquariums, small ponds and water gardens. Many of the older types of fancy goldfish and common carp are very strong and can be kept in garden ponds in areas where the water temperature does not drop to low. A lot of fancy goldfish can tolerate temperatures down classic down and slightly 15 C / 59F. Fancy goldfish can grow very old and the fish that are older than 20 years are not uncommon.
Fancy goldfish should be no smaller than 100L / 25 gallons. Many types of fancy goldfish, but will eventually grow out of an aquarium aquarium of this size and larger than necessary. Fancy goldfish should not be kept in a goldfish bowl and I might add that the goldfish bowl is not suitable for keeping any kind of fish enter the aquarium should be well filtered since fancy goldfish produce a large amount of waste matter and requires a high level of oxygen in the water. A suitable circulation is about 10-12 times the volume of the aquarium hours. Fancy goldfish usually dig a lot so under gravel filter is not recommended.
Always use fine grained sand or gravel with a grain size since goldfish might accidentally eat medium-sized grains that may be trapped in their system causing constipation and death. Large grained gravel has the additional benefit that may offer some protection against eggs laid in the tank. While fine-grained san has the additional benefit that is easily cleaned. Gravel color is not important. Fancy goldfish prefer to plant the area available there aquarium. They are however mostly eat plants so you need to choose the type of plant that is safe mas. Goldfish safe plants that thrive in conditions rather fancy goldfish including Elodea, Anubias, Java moss and Java fern. They will eat Elodea but they grow fast enough to keep the grass carp.
You must change at least 25% of the water in the aquarium with fancy goldfish a week. However, it will consider changing the minimum and the water from this number twice a week that will be preferred. You should also vacuum the gravel weekly and rinse the filter at least every two weeks. Fancy goldfish are best kept with other fancy goldfish. But they can be kept with other fish that thrive in lower temperatures. Suitable companions include danios and minnows. Apple snails also do well with goldfish. Fancy goldfish, but should never be kept with tropical aquarium fish like tetras and cichlids.
Fancy goldfish are very easy to feed and will accept most vegetables and fat foods. They do well on a diet of goldfish pellets or other food flakes / pellets. Their diet should however always contain vegetables. Vegetables suitable for fancy goldfish including lettuce and boiled peas. goldfish should have one day a week without food. It is advisable to soak the food before it eats into your fancy goldfish to avoid that food in their stomach expands after being eaten.
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